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Dreaming with the King
Just because we can't know the future doesn't mean we shouldn’t be looking and working toward it. Next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the importance of dreaming big, godly dreams about justice and equality, especially in light of the tragic news from Charleston recently.
Revelation 5:6-10
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Series:  #LoveWillOvercome

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The racial problem is the unresolved dilemma in America. One of the reasons this problem has gone on so long is because those who are most qualified to address it - the church - have not done so thoroughly. In this special compilation of intimate and heartfelt messages by Tony Evans, you will be encouraged, challenged and equipped to bring healing and hope in a nation far too often divided. Request your copy of the #LoveWillOvercome CD Series from Tony Evans for your gift of any amount.

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The Urban Alternative is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.

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