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How Big is Your God? Part 1
If you’ve ever been treated wrongly and wondered why God didn’t make it right, you might be tempted to think that God is unfair. But isn’t God always just? Dr. David Jeremiah examines that question which arises in the story of Job. 
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God's Promises for when You are Hurting - book

You can find comfort and hope in difficult the promises of God's Word!
58 Topics, grouped into four easy-reference sections:

  • What to Do When You Are: Grieving, Lonely, Depressed, and more.
  • What to Do When You: Need Confidence, Need Patience Now, Are Facing Disappointment, and more.
  • Truth From the Bible About: God's Plan for Your Life, Speaking God's Word, Answered Prayer, and more
  • The Love of God Is Healing for Your Life: Your Eternal Inheritance, His Never-Changing Promises, and Your Greatest Hope.

Articles from Dr. David Jeremiah

WTG (Way to Go!)

It doesn’t always take a lot to encourage someone. A text message, a pat on the back, a whisper of confidence, a public word of praise, a high five. That’s the secret power of the letters WTG—Way to Go! We can’t say them too often. The people around us, young and old, thrive on words of encouragement from someone who believes in them. Encouragement is a key component in strengthening others…and yourself.

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