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The Five Signs of Life, Part 1
When others look at you, do they see you’re a Christian? How can you make sure you’re radiating the kind of faith that draws people to Christ? Dr. David Jeremiah begins the series, Signs of Life: Back to the Basics of Authentic Christianity – all about the things that ought to be visible in your Christian life.
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Series:  Signs of Life

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Signs of Life

Discover how to live a more relevant, compassionate, and generous Christian life than you ever thought possible! Dr. Jeremiah’s Signs of Life prompts us to live an active, authentic faith with 40 brief, day-by-day readings expressing five key signs of life: Dusty Shoes—Living a Relevant LifeWorn-Out Knees—Living a Yielded LifeRolled-Up Sleeves—Living an Authentic LifeOpen Hands—Living a Generous LifeOutstretched Arms—Living a Compassionate Life.

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From Today to Tomorrow
 We shouldn’t just live for today, because today doesn’t last very long. We cannot live just for the moment, because the moments are fleeting. There’s an infinite sadness to living a life unfocused on eternity. How we invest our time, energy, labor, and money either guarantees or nullifies our legacy
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