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Finding Strength through Weakness, Part 1
Feeling discouraged because your weaknesses outnumber your strengths? Take heart. As a Christian, your greatest strength comes from your weakness! Dr. David Jeremiah considers the words of the Apostle Paul: “When I am weak, then I am strong” and what this powerful truth means for us today.
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Answers to Questions About Adversity

Are you experiencing trials in your life? The question of pain, suffering, and temptation, is something many of us wrestle with. From his years of study of the Word of God, Dr. Jeremiah has answers to many of the questions you may be asking. This hardcover book has 95 questions and answers on topics ranging from the family to personal battles.

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Learning From the Master
Matt Crain was taking a “Philosophy of Science” course at the university. The instructor, a scientist, had a reputation for fairness, but Matt was evidently the only person in the classroom who believed that God created the universe. Weeks passed, and Matt listened in silence, learning as much as he could. On the last week of class, the subject of religion came up, and Matt carefully advocated a Christian position.
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