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Courage Under Fire, Part 2
It’s one thing to stand up to opposition. It’s another to do it calmly and confidently. Dr. David Jeremiah continues to examine the rare kind of courage exhibited by the Apostle Paul in the face of trumped-up charges and captivity. Paul’s strong spiritual courage and calm demeanor are available to all believers.
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Series:  Courage to Conquer

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"The Strength You Need", by Robert Morgan

Pastor Rob Morgan leads a busy life as a pastor and is also a multitasking caregiver to his disabled wife.
Most Days he feels exhausted, yet over time God has shown him how to build himself up when he’s worn himself out. He has learned to fully embrace Psalm 84, as he moves from strength to strength. The valleys and the weaknesses are inevtiable. Our task is to embrace these as we wait for God to take us to our next time of strength.

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Master and Commander

In today’s world, the word “master” often comes with a negative connotation as it inevitably leads to the word “slave.” But “master” also refers to other things such as a higher level of education, expertise as work, or ownership of an animal. It can also simply refer to someone in a high rank of authority—such as the captain of a ship. Regardless of difficult situations, the captain is the master of the ship, and all aboard follow his lead.

            How often do we try and “master” our own ship of life? We have the One who will safely guide us through everything. But too often we want to take control, not allowing God to lead us through the most tumultuous times in our lives. The question must be asked, Who is your true Master and Commander?

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