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The Anatomy of a Vision, Part 1
What comes to mind when you think about vision? Does it pertain to eyesight? Some kind of mystical dream? Dr. David Jeremiah considers a kind of vision far more important than either of those examples. It’s the vision God has for you, and why life is better when your vision is aligned with His.
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Prophecy Answer Book

There are 1,000 prophecies in the Bible, so it is natural to wonder, have any prophecies been fulfilled? Do they really explain the future? In succinct and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions, Dr. Jeremiah decodes and clarifies prophecy for the average person. He explains in simple lay terms what could otherwise be mysterious and even frightening, allowing readers to gain a balanced and assuring perspective of the significance of prophetic events to their personal lives as believers in Christ.

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Your Heavenly Escorts
For every Christian, the time is coming when we will move into our heavenly homes, assisted by the Lord’s real estate agents—called angels. After carefully studying this subject in the Bible, I believe that angels take believers home to heaven when we die and help us move into our new houses. This is tremendously comforting, and it takes much of the intimidation out of the move. The primary Scripture teaching on this comes from the lips of Christ Himself. In describing the beggar Lazarus in Luke 16, Jesus said, “So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom,” referring to heaven. Notice that Lazarus wasn’t merely escorted to heaven. The angels carried him there.
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