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Lovesick and Love-Healthy
If you’ve ever been in love, you probably remember lavishing one another with admiration and compliments. Who says it has to stop? Dr. David Jeremiah continues his study in Song of Solomon with a look at how gracious words can form the foundation for a lifetime of love. 
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Grace Upon Grace

The movie character Forrest Gump became famous for saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” In its simplicity, that statement is profound in its accuracy. It is true, like a box of chocolates that we open and try the various fillings and flavors to pick a favorite piece; we don’t know what each day of our lives will hold. But as believers in Jesus Christ, we have an assurance that He is with us, and the knowledge that all that is good comes from Him. The Bible says that He opens His hand and satisfies His children with good things (Psalm 104:28).

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