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High Privilege & Great Challenge of Parenting, Part 1
Being a parent is more than a biological relationship, more than a legal responsibility. It’s a high and holy calling. Dr. David Jeremiah gives moms and dads the practical, biblical tools for becoming the parents God meant for us to be. 
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Series:  Hopeful Parenting

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"The Strength You Need", by Robert Morgan

Pastor Rob Morgan leads a busy life as a pastor and is also a multitasking caregiver to his disabled wife.
Most Days he feels exhausted, yet over time God has shown him how to build himself up when he’s worn himself out. He has learned to fully embrace Psalm 84, as he moves from strength to strength. The valleys and the weaknesses are inevtiable. Our task is to embrace these as we wait for God to take us to our next time of strength.

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Have you ever celebrated a holiday named Memas?

Some people observe it every December 25. For them, the Christ of Christmas has been replaced by a Me-centered worldview. This is a celebrity generation in which everyone wants little flashes of fame and fortune. One of the reasons the average wedding costs $25,000 is because so many couples want to experience for at least a day the kind of endless glamour enjoyed by celebs.

Even Christmas has been affected; and if we aren’t careful, it becomes all about us—our schedules, our diets, our budgets, our wish lists, our time off, our vacation, our parking spaces, our gifts to enjoy or return.

I love the trappings of Christmas as much as anyone; but the truths of Christmas trump the trappings of Christmas, and too many people get trapped in the trappings and forget the truth. How can we enjoy Christmas if we’re the reason for the season?

In a sense, of course, Christmas is all about us. God loved us, became flesh for us, died to forgive us our sins, and rose to give us everlasting life. Christmas is the celebration of what Jesus did for us. But in return, we should make it all about Him: loving Him, serving Him, praising Him, and emulating His attitude of humility.

Here are three words to remember during December. You might write them on a piece of paper to keep in your pocket or purse through the holidays.

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