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When Marriage Would Be Obsolete
Does marriage still mean anything? Dr. David Jeremiah considers how the state of marriage mirrors the condition of our culture at large, as more and more people abandon the institution that was once considered meaningful and holy. 
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I Never Thought I'd See the Day book

In this book, Dr. Jeremiah examines the signs of the decline of Western civilization and how this accelerating cultural shift might impact us all.

These trends and events include:

  • Marriage becoming obsolete
  • The Bible marginalized
  • Spiritual warfare intensifying
  • America turning its back on Israel
  • Atheists virulently attacking religion

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Get Focused

In 1828, a family named Hermès settled in France and opened a harness shop in Paris. Soon they were selling upscale products to European noblemen, and they haven’t stopped. Today you can still buy expensive, high-quality Hermès products worldwide.

Hermès closed its stores in America for three days a few years ago and flew their employees to an upscale hotel in Princeton. Motivational speakers were there to inspire and reinvigorate the company’s sales force. Hermès recognized that joyless employees wouldn’t be successful selling $2,300 bracelets. They needed motivators to fire up their enthusiasm.

Many companies rely on inspirational conferences to rekindle enthusiasm, enhance attitudes, and restore focus to employees. But human advice only goes so far. To really find spiritual focus, sit at the feet of Jesus. Nothing equals the motivation He gives for victorious living, and no one can equal His insight. Best of all, we can arrange a personal meeting every day.

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