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New Life Live: April 24, 2015

Caller Questions:

  • Is it biblical that I see angels all dressed in white? 
  • What can I do when my husband acts like a child because of his Asperger’s Syndrome?
  • Is it OK to withhold sex from my husband until he gets help for his porn and emotional affairs? 
  • How do I encourage my fiancée to get help for her porn use? 
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Designed for both the Christian who is seeking God's view on recovery and the non-Christian who is seeking God and answers to recovery, the Life Recovery Bible will lead readers to the source of true healing - God himself.

Articles from Steve Arterburn

Start Embracing Friendship and Fun in Your Marriage

My wife and I love to dance! We’re not the greatest dancers, but we dance. If we are in a shopping mall and the music is perfect for a swing and a twirl, then we take a break and dance. We have been known to dance our way to the top of an elevator while people sigh and laugh and say they wish they had someone to dance with.  If the music that catches our ear is slow, we will dance slowly. But we love faster tunes where we can twirl and spin under each other’s arms. I fold her into me, and then I spin her out. I lead, she follows, and for a few short moments, the tough realities we face go away. We are each other’s and it is evident we enjoy being a couple. 

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