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New Life Live: November 27, 2015
Caller Questions:
  • I confronted our youth pastor and he used graphic language; I am concerned he uses these words with my kids.
  • How should I explain to my young children that Mom and Dad divorced 3yrs ago? 
  • Our pastor says if we discipline a church leader because he is condoning his son’s adultery, then we have to discipline those who do not tithe.
  • Should we adopt despite our fear that he will have an attachment disorder? 
  • How do I get over my husband’s adultery after divorcing him 2yrs ago? 
  • My parents are believing for healing and Mom will not go back to the doctor; how can I talk to them?
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The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery and The Twelve Laws of Life Recovery

The Twelve Laws of Life Recovery:
As you work toward life recovery, some days feel more difficult than others . . . and you may yearn for guidance and structure as you seek to rebuild your character. God offers twelve truths to live by as you walk into a new and healthier life. These “laws” will help you discover God’s will for you throughout your recovery and will give you the wisdom you need to take the next steps. 
The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery:
The path to wholeness is never one you have to walk alone. God sees you and is by your side as you follow the Twelve Steps of Life Recovery, and he has special gifts in store for you along the way—even when the journey is filled with turns and twists. 

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The Key to Healing Broken Relationships
It’d be nice if healing a broken relationship could be achieved with the right Hallmark card and some beautiful flowers, but it doesn’t work that way. We must bring so much more to the table.
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