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New Life Live: December 7, 2016
Caller Questions:
- How should I respond to my wife who says I am too tough on her son when she is not fair to my niece?
- My teenaged daughter will not connect with the man I am dating.
- I want to remarry; how do I approach blending my family and become the perfect stepdad?
- My fiancée has 3 children and 2 are disrespectful to me; can I become a parent and not just the provider?
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Do you have a relationship that leaves you feeling drained? Maintaining and improving this kind of relationship—whether it’s a spouse, friend, or child—can feel exhausting, fruitless, and toxic to your own health. It’s complicated: You love the person, but sometimes you feel as if you’re pouring all your energy into holding your loved one, and your relationship, together. And if he or she failed or stumbled—would that make you a failure, too? What would happen if you walked away? Arterburn and Stoop have helped millions walk the path of health and now, in Take Your Life Back, they reach out to those who walk the path alongside them. We are called to love one another deeply, but it is possible to support your loved one in a way that honors the relationship, God, and yourself. Take Your Life Back is the key to fostering healthy, God-honoring attachments that benefit you and the one you love.

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Quit Being a Peacekeeper
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” – Matthew 5:9

Jesus spoke these words during the Sermon on the Mount. It is one of eight blessings in the Gospel of Matthew commonly known as the Beatitudes.
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