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The Truth About Truth
Staci makes a new friend that helps her understand that “truth speaks even when we don’t want it to.”  That mysterious saying leads Staci to a discovery of how important it is to love the things God loves.  Meanwhile C.J. has to face the truth himself when his new buddy reveals a dishonest streak!   
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With Paws & Tales, kids can enjoy meaningful adventure stories and fun animation while they learn biblically based concepts like being thankful, overcoming fear, putting others first, and obeying God's rules.

Episode #1: “Snake Oil”
A slick traveling salesman promises to teach CJ the secrets of success and fame.

Episode #2: “Eye of the Tiger”
Marsha goes head-to-head with spelling bee champ, Tiffany. When Tiffany shows her true colors during the contest, Marsha must decide if it’s really worth winning at any cost.


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About Paws & Tales

Paws & Tales is a weekly children's radio drama presented by Insight for Living that teaches biblical principles in a fun and memorable way. Through story and song, Paws & Tales serves up a cast of loveable animal characters who experience exciting adventures and learn important lessons that kids of all ages can relate to.

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