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The Line of Fire with Dr. Michael Brown

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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Pennsylvania
Dr. Brown will broadcast again from Messiah College in Grantham, PA, taking your calls, answering your e-questions, and keeping up to date with relevant news.
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Articles from Dr. Michael Brown

Their Next Goal: Put Christian 'Bigots' in Jail
A few years ago, while talking with a leading Christian attorney, I repeated to him my statement that those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. He remarked, “There’s one more step. In the beginning, they were put in jail for their actions. In the future, we’ll be put in jail for ours.”
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About The Line of Fire

Activist, author, international speaker, and biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown, tackles the controversies, engages the culture, and challenges the status quo, taking your calls and answering your questions every week on the Line of Fire.

About the Ministry

The mission of Dr. Michael Brown and ICN Ministries is to proclaim salvation to the Jewish people and equip the Body for Jewish ministry, be a voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution, preach revival and repentance to the nations, train workers for the harvest in America and throughout the world, be agents of reformation and revival in the Church and advance the Kingdom of God through radio broadcasts, books, free resources, and much more.

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