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Lighten Up With Liz
Would you say that you’re a joyful person? On the next “Focus on the Family,” you’ll hear some unforgettable examples of joy and laughter from author and Bible teacher, Liz Curtis Higgs. Be prepared to “lighten up with Liz” and enjoy life, on today's “Focus on the Family.
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Help! I'm Laughing and I Can't Get Up

Discover seven reasons why people laugh, plus seven body benefits of laughter. Reveals the four humor personalities...and which category you fit in. Helps readers realize that God gave us a funny bone...we just need to find out how to use it.

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About Focus on the Family

We want to help your family thrive! The Focus on the Family program offers real-life, Bible-based insights for everyday families. Help for marriage and parenting from families who are in the trenches with you. Focus on the Family is hosted by Jim Daly and John Fuller.

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