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Finding Strength for the Terminal Battle (Part 2)
Bo Stern candidly shares her journey with her husband, who was diagnosed with ALS nearly 4 years ago. With four children, and now a grandchild, the Stern family has faced both challenges and joys with the illness.
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Beautiful Battlefields

This life is your battle. How will you fight it? 
The battles we face in life can come in many forms--finanicial hardship, loss of a loved one, or disability, to name a few. For author Bonita Stern, her battle came in the form of her husband's terminal illness when he was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. 
Since that day, Bo has had to trust in God like never before as she wonders what the future holds for her family and herself. Yet, she has found faith through studying the many battles in Scripture. In Beautiful Battlefields, she shares insights from her study and her own life challenges. As you read, you may discover as Bo did, that God is using these fierce fights to accomplish something astonishing in your heart--that He is in control in the midst of your greatest struggles.

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