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EveryMan's Battle, New Life Live Oct 11, 12, 13

Oct 11, 2013 - Oct 13, 2013


  Men's Conference

Porn. Lust. Affairs. They’ve taken your life to a place you never could have imagined. It’s a serious problem that requires a serious solution. The Every Man’s Battle Workshop is the place where men engage in the battle to get back their sexual integrity. In this intensive three-day workshop you’ll work with licensed Christian counselors who will arm you with the weapons you need for victory. The enemy may have wounded you, but the battle is not over. Register today. Too much is at stake not to take action. - See more HERE 

Your privacy is very important to us. We don't provide conference location publicly.
Scholarships may be available.

We do our very best to provide FULL scholarships for Pastors.

Don't live in secret anymore.
Your family, kids, marriage, wife .... Your future .... MATTERS!




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